Kids absolutely love to paint their own ceramics. One of our creative coworkers spent a day with his daughter this weekend at a ceramics shop, and all of the little ones in my family have been begging us to visit Clay ‘N’ Latte all summer long. This obsession with ceramics painting is nothing new, either—it reminds me of my ninth birthday party, which I spent with all of my friends at the local Kids ‘n’ Paint shop covering a little ceramic puppy dog with hot pink glitter.

Kids ceramics painting parties are a great way to indulge your child’s artistic inclinations, not to mention a simple way to entertain guests for two hours and send each one home with a handmade party favor!

Kick off your event with a fun birthday party invitation that showcases the guest of honor in an artistic way. Try this Painter’s Studio birthday party invitation from our new Studio Basics line, which offers affordable designs without compromising on Tiny Prints trademark high quality and fresh, modern design.


Contact your local ceramics shop, like Clay ‘N’ Latte, Kids ‘N’ Paint or Color Me Mine, to arrange a time and date. Plan your party for the mid-afternoon so that you won’t be responsible for serving the guests lunch. Pack some cupcakes and snacks, bring plenty of bottled water and get ready to get messy painting your ceramic creations all afternoon long! It’s sweet, simple and sure to transform your little ones and their friends into first rate artists!

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  2. Anum says:

    I still love going to these ceramics shops and painting, and really want to take my nephew there, soon as hes old enough to hold a paintbrush. 😉

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