Make Your Own Memory Games

There’s a reason why classic memory games are still around—they are fun, can be quite charming and help improve a child’s mental skills. But you don’t have to shell out money for a store bought memory game! Make your own with a few of these bright ideas from around the web:

  • Merriment Design recently featured this adorable fabric photo memory game, complete with directions for printing your photos and constructing everything from the game pieces to the bag you store them in! It’s such a fun way to put family photos to use. You could create a new game after every big trip, holiday or celebration!


    • If your kids are glued to the computer, you can create your own Flickr memory game by uploading photos using this template. And, if you are on Flickr, be sure to join the Tiny Prints group!
    • If you have leftover party invitations lying around, you can cut them up, mount the pieces and turn the individual images into memory game pieces.  This would work particularly well with a design that had a lot of images within it, like this fun Picnic Thieves summer party invitation.


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