Joyce is one our favorite staffers who recently shared her wedding planning process on the Wedding Paper Divas blog. We’re happy to share this story with you as her and her husband embark on their new life together!

A year before we got married, my husband and I decided that it was probably a good time to purchase a home.  We made several offers that ended up falling through for various reasons and as our wedding date crept up, we thought our dreams of owning a home were probably going to have to go on hold.  It was disappointing as we had high hopes to enjoy our future together in a home that both of us would love!  Just a couple of weeks shy of my wedding day, I decided to check on a listing that somehow appeared.  I didn’t hold out any hope on this home, because I had already set the expectation that it wouldn’t be likely that I’d be able to find one soon.  Despite this, I made my way over to the open house and as I walked in and around it, I felt that it was “the one!”  I knew I wanted to make my morning breakfast with my husband-to-be in this home, stroll around this neighborhood with my dogs, and all the things that proud homeowners do!

I immediately called my husband-to-be to tell him the good news and in just three weeks, the home was ours!  It was quite an ambitious move on our part—tackling the wedding and house hunting all at the same time.  However, I wouldn’t have had it any other way! We are now just a month from moving in and at this exciting juncture in our lives, I thought I’d pick out a moving announcement to share the good news with our closest friends!

Out of all the things that we were working on for the home, this was probably the most exciting thing for me to do! So here it is, my selections that I’ve narrowed down:

Feel free to leave a comment and let this stylish newlywed know which one you like best!


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  1. michelle says:

    I love the birds! I wanted to use it for our moving announcement, but was worried it looked like we were moving with TWO more in tow (the four birds). It is my favorite though! Congrats on the new house and wedding all at the same time!

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