Kim from NewlyWoodwards is here today sharing her on-the-go office essentials when you’re out working remotely.

For seven years, I woke up every weekday and got ready for an office job. Heels, suits, the works.

When I left the corporate world last October to work from home, there were a lot of major changes that came my way. (I’m more likely to wear yoga pants over suits and heels!)

And one big change is that since I work from home, many of my meetings take place in coffee shops or restaurants. This means that I need to take my entire office with me. But that isn’t possible.

So here’s my roundup of my working on-the-go essentials. Perfect for working remotely, meeting with a client or attending a conference. This is what you will almost always find in my bag when I’m out and about.

Tiny Prints Working Essentials

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The bag … I love this classic leather tote and have carried it almost every day for 6 years. It easily holds my laptop and work essentials. And it just as easily holds my mommy essentials (diapers and wipes, anyone?). Plus, it’s the most sturdy and well-made bag I’ve owned. It just gets better with age.

The cards … I believe in the power of a real business card, which is why I love these Blog On cards. They give me the chance to share photos of projects, and I’ve received so many compliments on the unique style.

The card holder … I always keep my business cards in a brightly colored case. Why bright? Because I was once asked for my card and I had to dig through a bag rivaling Mary Poppins. I could find lip gloss, four cookies and a box of tissues. But no business cards. So now I keep them in something that’s easy to spot in my bag.

The phone and case … I’m never without my phone, and I adore this chalkboard-style case that reminds me to focus on my dreams.

The hidden charger … Because I always have my phone, I also need something to charge the (ever dwindling) battery. This lovely little bag has a hidden smartphone charger and holds two full charges. Plus it also doubles as an adorable wristlet.

The notebook … Call me old fashioned, but there is something productive about writing down ideas and tasks on paper. I go through notebooks quickly and love that this one has a bit of personalization (and a matching look to my iPhone case).

The totally portable notebook … When I was shopping for a new computer, there was no doubt that it had to be uber portable. I love that I can keep my notebook computer with me at all times. It’s handy to have in meetings, and it’s easy to bring because it’s so lightweight.

Who needs a full office when I can pack everything I need in one bag?

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