Chevrons, polka dots and stripes, oh my!! With so many chic and distinct patterns to choose from, how will you ever decide which graduation invitations and announcements to get? Don’t worry. After a brief glance at a few of these brand new stunning styles we’re sure you’ll make up your mind. So whether you absolutely love the sleek angles of chevrons, adore the simplicity and uniformity of stripes or you’re completely drawn toward the organized yet playful appearance of polka dots, then one of these dazzling designs is certainly meant for you.

Tell us which pattern appeals to your personality the most.

Sheer Chevrons Graduation InvitationsSheer Chevrons Graduation Invitations Back

Stamped Highlights Graduation AnnouncemetnsStamped highlights graduation announcements back

Tres chic oblique graduation announcementsTres chic oblique graduation announcements back

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