Charming, elegant and ultra-chic, these posh pink and black baby shower invitations will certainly start off that special celebration for the mommy-to-be with splendid style. Each card in this brand new collection features rich shades of ebony which are offset by bright pink color tones that pop right off the page. Also, stunning embellishments such as sleek chevrons and trendy typography add just enough fashionable flair to make your shower stationery stand out. So set the stage for your stylish pink and black soiree with one of these dazzling baby shower invitations.

Do any of our adorable designs catch your eye? Then tell us which one you like best!

Tender Type Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Bulletin Baby Shower Invitation

Safari Sprinkle Baby Shower Inviation

Expectant Sparkles Baby Shower Invitaion

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  1. These are absolutely adorable!
    My fav would have to be the top one: Baby Shower Invitations
    Tender Type: Princess
    Designed by Picturebook

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