Popular Twin Names

If you found out you’re having twins, you’re probably trying to look for the best set of twin names that will fit them. And, these days, having twins is common, especially among celebrities. But, are you thinking of giving them star names such as Hazel and Phinnaeus like Julia Roberts’s twins, or Emme and Max like Jennifer Lopez’s kids? Or how about Knox and Vivienne like Brangelina’s pair? Well, to help you decide on what to name your adorable duo, check out the top ten twin names of 2007 from About.com.

1. Jacob, Joshua
2. Matthew, Michael
3. Daniel, David
4. Isaac, Isaiah
5. Ella, Emma
6. Madison, Morgan
7. Taylor, Tyler
8. Landon, Logan
9. Brandon, Bryan
10. Christian, Christopher

Then show them off with these sweet announcements made just for multiples.

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