Q&A with the MiGi Girls

Following our post on Tuesday announcing our new partnership with MiGi, we are excited to have the opportunity to share with your our interview with the MiGi girls, Michele Adams and Gia Russo.  To learn more about MiGi and the MiGI Girl’s inspiration for their businesses, keep reading…

First, tell us about yourselves and how your partnership began…
Michele and I reside in Los Angeles with our husbands and toddler boys’. We met in NYC about 13 years ago while working at Martha Stewart Living magazine.  The two of us became friends and worked on numerous projects together for the magazine, mail order catalog, and television show.  Years later, we moved back to the west coast and formed MiGi. Because we both have similar sensibilities, work ethics, and desires — we were confident we would make great business partners.

What is MiGi all about?
MiGi is about creating a lifestyle that is stylish, cozy, and hip. Our design sensibility is a modern twist on vintage and classical that translates to an approachable and distinctive style.  As trusted sources of practical advice for modern living, as well as sharing the experience of being moms to boys, we provide solutions for getting the most out of everyday life. Whether it’s decorating a home, celebrating a milestone or just relaxing with friends and family. The company is divided into two business segments – media and products.

For media, we’ve authored several lifestyle books including Wedding Showers, Baby Showers and At Home with Friends, which was featured on Oprah.  We host and created the television show “The Art of the Party with the MiGi Girls” for the Fine Living network.  Gia and I are the contributing editors to Fit Pregnancy, where we design the nursery rooms featured in the magazine.  Our design expertise has lead us to team up with Baby Gap, Gymboree, and Pepperidge Farm for special events and television appearances.

Our latest accomplishment is the launch of our own line of MiGi branded products.  The MiGi baby collection includes crib bedding and nursery décor accessories, and is already a favorite among celebrity moms.  The MiGi brand also includes a range of products for the home and entertaining.

In 2006 you launched the MiGi Baby Collection, what you inspired you to launch this line?
We have been contributing editors to Fit Pregnancy magazine for several years.  Every time we created a nursery design, we had a hard time finding specific items that worked with our sensibility.  This experience made us realize there was a void in the marketplace.  Because we had the background in product design while working at Martha, we thought let’s design our own line of nursery décor items.  From that moment on, we started researching this new business idea.

Why did you choose to launch your first-ever stationery collection?
We chose to launch a stationery line because it fits with the MiGi lifestyle.  Every time we create a party or a shower for a magazine, TV show, book, or blog we always design or give advice on invitations.  Michele and I believe invitations set the style and mood of the celebration.  Also, most of our customers are first time moms and the design of their nursery is as important as choosing their birth announcement .

How important do you feel are handing written notes compared to digital communications?
We like the tradition of hand written notes and also the idea of digital communications.  The decision should be based on the the type of party or event you are throwing.  A milestone event, party or announcement calls for printed or handwritten invitations.  For a casual laid back get-together, digital communication is fine.   Thank you notes for gifts should be hand written.

Your collection is in collaboration with long time Tiny Prints design, Petite Alma? How did that partnership come about?
We met Kirby Woodson a few years ago through a mutual friend and we loved her work!  The three of us got together in hopes of working together in the future.  We knew the design sensibilities of both companies would make a great combination.

Having written a book titled “Baby Showers,” what is your favorite baby shower theme/idea?
Our favorite baby shower theme would probably be the “Daisy” theme.  We love this theme because a Daisy is very representative of a baby — innocent.  Daisies are affordable, hearty flowers that make beautiful décor.  You can also incorporate them into the food, invitations, favors.  This is a great theme for either gender or a mom-to- be who isn’t finding out the sex of the baby.

As style experts, what’s your best style advice for our readers?
To create an environment that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

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