If you’re having a birthday party for some roller skaters you know, read on for some cool party tips.

Location. First of all, think about where you’ll host the party. Places can include your local roller rink, a park, a gym, or anywhere that has concrete for the kids to skate. While it’s hot, you might want to plan a trip to the ice skating rink which is a fun way for them to cool off.

Guests. Go through the guest list with your child to figure out who to invite. If you’re planning a party at a roller rink, take into account the number of kids you’ll be paying admission for.

Food, Favors, Decoration. If your party is at a roller skating rink, decorations can be simple and you can usually order food there as well. If not, go simple by bringing pizza or easy to eat finger foods since most kids will want to quickly return to playing after they eat. Choose decorations such as balloons and birthday cake with a roller skate theme. For favors, make small gift bag filled with snacks, candy and roller skate themed items such as pencils and keychains.

Invitation. You might want to tell guests to bring their own skates and/or safety equipment such as a helmet and knee pads which can be included on these two adorable Tiny Prints birthday invitations perfect for a roller skating theme party.




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