Okay, okay, we admit it—creating your own personal labels out of Tiny Prints gift tag stickers should hardly count as a DIY project, but it’s so fun, simple and easy we just couldn’t help ourselves. Plus, with back-to-school season in full swing, we can think of plenty of ways to use our gift tags to keep track of all of your little one’s gear.

So here are our tips for finding, personalizing and putting to good use all of your favorite gift tag stickers from Tiny Prints. After all, who doesn’t love an inexpensive set of custom stickers?


  • Your favorite Tiny Prints gift tag stickers
  • Your own computer
  • Everything you’d like to label!

Step One: Select a Design

This is definitely the hardest part of the entire process, which is why we usually select multiple designs to pile into one order. At only $7 for a set of 24, you can’t really go wrong!

Here are the designs we used for this project:

We also have designs featuring your favorite Sanrio and Nickelodeon characters, so don’t forget to shop around for the best gift tag stickers for your own purposes.

Step Two: Personalize Your Labels

Some people don’t realize how much you can change about any given Tiny Prints design. Where gift tag stickers are concerned, you can pretty much rewrite ANY of the text you see on the sample design. Just click “Personalize” on the product page to access our easy-to-use tools and make some witty creations of your own.

Step Three: Enjoy!

Use them to decorate party favors, stick them on books and school supplies or simply let your little ones have fun with them. These personal labels and gift tag stickers also make great kids gifts for Halloween and Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget to stock up!

Have you tried this craft at home? Send your stories and photos to blog@tinyprints.com and we’ll be happy to feature them!

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