Being an only child, I can’t say that I know what it’s like to have a sibling. My dog is actually the closest thing to a sister that I’ve experienced. And while I know that dogs do get jealous when they are not the center of attention, it’s probably not the same as stealing the attention away from a sibling or is it?

Tales from friends and relatives tells me that sometimes bringing a sibling to an once only child, can be difficult. I know that bringing in a new puppy to a previously one dog household means making sure to give the older dog attention.

Surprisingly, this also applies to kids. Get your older child involved and give them special attention as the older sibling. A great idea would be to send out birth announcements including your child as the big brother or big sister! Here are some of Tiny Prints photo cards that would be perfect in this situation.

Big Brother Little Sister




Big Sister Little Brother


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