Summer Parties

When I think of summer, I think of all the summer’s past and what made each so memorable was the parties! Whether outdoors at a park or beach or indoors at someone’s house, summer parties celebrate everything wonderful about the warm season.

Planning parties can be stressful. Breaking down the steps to planning can help ease the process and even make it fun. So here we go.

1) Location. Think about whether you want to have the parties indoors or outdoors. While having an outside party for summer seems ideal, you also need to think about mosquitoes and other outdoor pests. In addition, finding cover under a tree or putting up a tent are great ways to prevent getting directly in the heat. You might want to pack sunscreen or give them as fun favors to guests.

2) Type of party. Is this going to a birthday party with a specific theme or a casual backyard party with friends? Thinking about who your audience is will be important in choosing what type of theme you have. Kid’s parties can focus on a specific character or favorite color while you may want to throw a 4th of July for friends and family.

3) Choose and send out the invitations. If you have a specific theme in mind you can choose party invitations that match. For example, here is a great design for a 4th of July gathering.


This one is perfect for her summer birthday party.


4) Food and drinks. Since it’s summer you’ll want to incorporate fresh seasonal fruits such as strawberries and watermelons. The type of food and drinks can also be your party theme. Just remember to budget for the amount of people you are expecting and try to stick with it.

5) Have fun! Be as creative as possible and make this the event of the season!

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