Thank you cards have been adored by senders and receivers for generations, and yet there remains a great deal of confusion about thank you note etiquette. Here’s a simple summary of the basics you need to know about how to send a thank you card in style.

What to Say in a Thank You Note

Be specific in your thank you cards. Mention the gift or kind act early in your thank you note, create a detailed message regarding how you use the gift and avoid clichés like, “We are sooo grateful…,” “I sincerely appreciate…” and “It was so thoughtful of you.”

When to Send a Thank You Card

Ideally, you should compose your thank you notes the day you receive a gift, host an event or experience an unexpected act of kindness. If not, try to write your thank you cards as soon as possible, but remember–it’s never really too late to send a thank you note!

How to Compose a Great Thank You Note

One fantastic way to turn your thank you card message from average to amazing is with shared personal memories. Describe how you knew your college roommate had good taste ever since the day that red velvet beanbag chair showed up in your dorm room. Your friends and family will cherish thank you notes that are full of heart.

For more thank you card tips and ideas, check out our Things to Know section.

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