All That Glitters

Is an outfit just not complete without a little gold and glitter? Does the clink of champagne glasses make you giddy? Were you born with glitter in your veins? We love that about you. And we love glitter (almost) as much, which is why the All That Glitters trend is a big part of our 2013 holiday collection.

There’s just something about how glitter makes you feel that fits so well with the holiday season—excited, celebratory and oh-so-festive. We love playing with glitter in all different shapes and sizes to give each card a unique feel. How about throwing glitter in bold, graphic patterns like chevrons, stripes or polka dots. Or filling stylish typography with it. Either way you style glitter, we love that it has the power to express your personal style, whether it’s classic, playful or high fashion.

All that Glitters

Looking for more shine? Check out our entire All That Glitters collection.

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