Tiny Prints Bold Expressions Holiday Cards

You’re the girl with a rainbow of color on. Your home is an eclectic mix of bolds and brights and not one color clashes with another. And you know the holidays aren’t just about red and green. You’ve got a crush on color and we have just the cure—the Bold Expressions trend from our 2013 holiday card collection.

Bold Expressions is probably our most joyous collection yet, thanks to designs bursting with color and unexpected patterns. Because it’s such a happy time of year, we couldn’t help but add a few non-traditional and bright colors, like chartreuse, teal and pink. Mix that with bold type, diamond patterns and garlands and you’re sure to put a grin on your loved one’s faces.

Tiny Prints Bold Expressions Holiday Cards

Make it bright! Check out our entire Bold Expressions collection here.

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