You probably know that you can add your favorite photos and unique text to any of our photo cards, but did you know that you can take the big “P” (personalization) a step further? You can reinvent any photo card to fit any occasion by simply changing or completely removing the existing sample text. Instead of a photo, experiment with adding illustrations or clip art, a recipe, a children’s drawing or a cherished memento. If you own a small business, try creating a card that features your product or services to mail as an advertisement or a thank you. You can even invent your own unique holiday and invite everyone to celebrate with you. The possibilities are endless as long as you own the copyright to the image (your unique creation) or the image is copyright free and it can be scanned.

  1. Scan your image and save it onto your computer. Be sure to save it as a JPEG.Select a photo card that you’d like to personalize.
  1. Follow the size information listed under “Photo Information” (bottom right) to get your image ready for uploading.
  1. Click the “Personalize” button and type in the text you prefer where available.
  1. Click the “Help ?” button (top right) for information about how to edit or remove any remaining text.
  1. Upload your image(s) and your card is a just a few short clicks away from becoming a masterpiece!

Below are a few cards I recently retrofitted. They’re both photo birth announcements. The first is a giant, hand stitched, joyful, spring Sasquatch (6′ x 3′) that I made for a friend’s little boy’s room. I photographed it because it was too large to scan and uploaded it to make a freelance business card. The second is one of my digital illustrations I uploaded instead of a photograph to make a wee tea party invitation for my fellow Tiny Talkers.



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