Hey, graduate! Before you get that well-deserved diploma, check out our grad trends to find a graduation announcement that’s just your style.

You Go for the Gold

Whether it’s through your personality or a glittery accessory, every day is an excuse to bring a little bit of your sparkle to the world. You love gold, glitter and any reason to get together with your friends. With tons of gold and celebratory details, the Golden Opportunity collection is made for you!

graduation announcements

You Walk in Nature

There’s no place you’d rather be than amongst flora and fauna. You can always be found with a flower in your hair or outdoors being active. Styles that speak to you focus on earth tones, natural textures and pops of pastels. We have a feeling the down to earth designs featured in the You’re a Natural collection are a natural fit for you.

graduation announcements

You Man Up

You’re a man of good taste—you appreciate leather, wood grain and bold details. You’re as comfortable cheering at a football game as you are going to a fancy dinner. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the finer things in life with the Big Man on Campus collection.

graduation announcements

You Get Girly

Your future is bright…neon pink, to be exact. You don’t shy away from bold colors and playful patterns. The world is a blank canvas and you can’t wait to paint it with every color in your palette! Go for the bold and bright with our She’s All That collection.

graduation announcements

Which graduation announcement are you going to totally ace?

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