Amanda from Dixie Delights shares her vintage inspired New Year’s Eve dinner party.

For as long as we’ve been married, my husband and I have hosted a traditional Southern feast on New Year’s day.   As soon as I laid eye on the Tiny Prints Vintage Celebration invitation, I knew it was “the one” for 2014.

December 2013 515 copy

And while our annual event is always a dinner, it would hardly be New Years without making at least one resolution.  Since I hate to be all womp-womp-I-will-start-exercising-and-shouldn’t-be-eating-bacon-greens-and-pecan-pie, I thought I’d ask revelers to come up with a resolution that will be a pleasure to keep in the new year.

December 2013 529 copy

Guests will be invited to self-address a post card and make note of some sort of treat, outing, indulgence or change that will be a delight to do in 2014.

December 2013 536 copy copy

I will collect the cards and drop them in mail come spring!!

December 2013 589 copy

To see the the rest of the party, hop on over to Dixie Delights for the table setting, menu, recipes, favor and coordinating printables!

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