We are so excited to have Ursula from kraft&mint share her Easter brunch inspiration!

An Artsy Easter Brunch

Hello tinyprints readers! My name is Ursula, and I’m a crafter and blogger for kraft&mint. Today I’ve been invited to share a project inspired by Tiny Prints party invitations. Thank you Tiny Prints for hosting me!

What inspires you to throw a party? Is it the celebration itself like a holiday, or a milestone such as birthdays, or perhaps you are an extrovert and love to spend time with loved ones and friends.

I was very inspired after perusing birthday party invitations on Tiny Prints. I love the variety of styles, designs and overall aesthetics they have to offer. So while looking for a birthday party invitation for a future party, I encountered a design consisting of a brush stroke with a handwritten style font.

An Artsy Easter Brunch

What if I used this invitation for an Easter party instead? The main message read: “let’s celebrate”. Following this text there is the option of entering the name and age of the person one is celebrating. In the box where one would enter a name and age, I wrote the following: “an Easter Brunch! Voila! I had a beautiful, modern design for Easter that sprung many ideas for diy simple and stylish party decor.

An Artsy Easter Brunch

The main yellow brush stroke and blue text determined the palette. I ordered a few extra invitations and used the back of the invitation as card stock to make confetti and put together a yellow table place mat. Please look at brief instructions below.

An Artsy Easter Brunch

From top clockwise, the invitation’s brush stroke served as a great element to design custom yellow confetti. I combined two invitations, glued them together and made a simple “table runner” for the vases shown below.

An Artsy Easter Brunch

An Artsy Easter Brunch

I wrapped a blue version of the watercolor brush stroke around a glass bottle. Simple details like these add a pop of color to any table, and it just takes the back of an invitation and strong glue.

An Artsy Easter Brunch

Finally, I was also inspired to design a printable using yellow watercolor and a brush.

An Artsy Easter Brunch

I’ve used watercolors a few times and the results are always gorgeous. It is an easy medium to play with if you want to draw some brush strokes and have little experience with watercolors like me

An Artsy Easter Brunch

I hope you are inspired to host an Easter brunch and maybe even use the same invitations I used Thank you Tiny Prints for having me over!

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  1. Ursula says:

    Hello Maria and tiniprints! Super excited to see the post go live! Thank you for hosting me 😉

  2. Beautiful photos and love how the invitation went with the decor!

  3. This is so beautiful, Ursula! Watercolors are just perfect for spring!

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