We are thrilled to have Kim from Newly Woodwards here today. She is sharing The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home inspiration for her unique bridal shower she is hosting.

I love thinking outside the box when entertaining – surprising guests and doing something new. This year, I’m hosting a bridal shower unlike anything I’ve thrown before. We reserved a private space at a local restaurant and the chef will lead a cooking demonstration.

I love that this takes the idea of a bridal shower to a whole new level. Instead of playing games, guests will have the opportunity to take away tips and tricks to use in their own kitchen.

Here is some of the inspiration I’ve collected:

filled with love
(Sources: Kitchen towel cake, Cutting board display, Cheese grater votive holder, Colander arrangement, KitchenAid floral arrangement, Filled with Love invitations, Recipe for love chalkboard art, Be married wine bottle centerpieces)

I want to play off of the cooking demonstration to bring the kitchen into the décor elements of the gathering. When I saw the Filled with Love invitation, I knew it’d be perfect for the theme – “The kitchen is the heart of the home.” I simply edited the text to work for this event and used the same color palette for the majority of the other decorative items

From there, I knew that using kitchen items – like a colander, cheese grater and mixer – as floral arrangements would be the perfect way to tie the theme together. And there’s just something to love about a huge chalkboard with a “recipe for love.”

I can hardly wait for the party to arrive. I think that doing something out of the box is just as fun for the host as for the guests.

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  1. Thanks so much for having us!

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  3. Kim is so good at entertaining. I always love seeing what she comes up with.

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