Carmen from The Flair Exchange shares her spooky Mummy-tini today. Cheers!

Halloween Party Drinks

Most Halloween festivities focus on our little ones, but that doesn’t mean we adults can’t join in on the spooky fun! This Mummy-centric DIY features gift tag stickers from the Tiny Prints Halloween holiday line. While there is a plethora of themes, colors & graphics to choose from, I couldn’t resist the cute eyes peering through gauze on this one.

Halloween Party Drinks

We took the mummy theme and ran with it, creating a Mummy-tini. This concoction provides a gorgeous orange and red hue – super spooky, I know! To create the desired decorative effect, you’ll need pre filled mason jars, orange ric-rac & Tiny Prints Mummy’s Monster gift tags.

Halloween Party Drinks

Start by gathering supplies. You’ll need : pre-filled mason jars, orange ric – rac & Mummy’s Monster Tiny Prints tags. Making sure mason jars are tightly sealed, wrap orange ric-rac tightly around mason jar & tie a knot around the top of the jar. Embellish the jar by removing a mummy sticker from your sheet & adhere the sticker to the jar securing ric-rac in place.

Halloween Party Drinks

Whether you spend Halloween with your family or a party of guests, everyone will be impressed with these signature drinks. In just a few minutes you’ll have put together festive & visually appealing beverages anyone can enjoy!

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