DIY April Fools Day Tricks

April Fool’s Day has traditionally been a day when kids torture their parents with the old plastic wrap on the toilet seat trick, or the ever-popular “I think I broke my arm!” gag. This year, we say you turn the tables on your little ones with these fun DIY tricks for April Fool’s Day.

Here’s how you can sneak down before breakfast and set up a few jokes of your own this April 1!

April Fool’s Day Supplies

  • Glass salt and pepper shakers
  • A paper towel or napkin
  • Milk in a carton
  • Food coloring

The Salt and Pepper Switcheroo

Step One: Create a Paper Towel Cup Inside Each Glass Shaker

The shakers have to be glass so your kids will be extra confused. We didn’t have any on hand, so we made a pseudo-shaker out of this mini bottle to illustrate how you would use a piece of a paper towel to create a hidden cup inside the lid of each shaker.

Simply remove the lid, rip off a small square of tissue or paper, and gently press down to create a miniature cup inside the neck of the bottle or shaker.

Step Two: Add Pepper to the Salt and Salt to the Pepper

Gently pour pepper into the cup at the top of the salt shaker, and add salt to the cup at the top of the pepper shaker. The cups will keep the different spices from mingling so your kids will be none the wiser!

Step Three: Replace the Cap and Wait for the Fun

When your kids try to use the salt shaker, pepper will come out (and vice versa)!

Milk Mischief

Step One: Add Food Coloring to a Carton of Milk

A carton works best since your kids won’t see it coming. Colors like green, purple or blue work well since milk never comes in such eccentric hues (but some flavored milk is pink or brown).

Step Two: Shake, Return to the Fridge and Wait

Make sure the color mixes well, then wipe up any color drops on the carton itself and put it innocently back into the fridge. Imagine their surprise when a glass of milk comes out green…

…Or their cereal gets a colorful makeover!

Do you have plans to play a trick on anyone this April Fool’s Day? Share your ideas in the comments below!


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2 Responses

  1. Kass says:

    Take a life saver candy or a bath tint tab (the kind that turns your kid’s bath water colors), remove shower head, insert either the candy or the tablet into the pipe the shower head attaches to, and replace shower head. If you do the life saver, the victim keeps getting sticky after showering until it dissolves. If you do the tub tint, your unsuspecting victim gets a colorful (non-staining) surprise when they turn the shower on. We did both to my dad last year, they work quite well.

  2. These are really funny!

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