It may only be mid-July, but schools are going to be in back in session before we know it. To plan ahead for the coming year and send a little classroom inspiration your way, we put together this adorable crayon wreath… and in a few simple steps, you can too!

Crayon Wreath Supplies

  • Two boxes of crayons
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon (for hanging)
  • 2 Quilting hoops (one large, one medium)

Step 1: Set Up a Test Run

Place your medium hoop inside your large hoop, making sure they are properly aligned. Then, carefully lay out your crayons to get a feel for how they’ll fit before you glue. With the tip of your crayons facing outward, line them up along the hoop with the ends touching—this will keep the spacing consistent.

Step 2: Get Going with Glue

Heat up your gun and start gluing. We recommend putting a dot of glue on each ring first, and then securing the crayons down one by one (this is much easier than gluing the crayon first and trying to guess the length between each hoop… this we learned from trial and error!). Make sure to leave a small space for the ribbon.

Step 3: Tie Your Ribbon and Hang

Cut your ribbon to a desired length and tie with a bow. Then… hang this cute wreath on the front door, in the classroom or let the kids decide where to enjoy it!

If you try this craft, or any of our DIY ideas at home, send photos to blog@tinyprints.com. We’d love to feature them. Happy crafting!

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  2. Nadia Myres says:

    ill be doing this sooon very very soon with blue crayons fro christmas..my theme! ..thanks alot !!

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