Wendy from Pretty Well Organized shares her Christmas Card Display inspired by our Golden Greetings Photo Holiday Card.

holiday photo card display1

Each year I find myself with a stack of beautiful holiday cards. Friends, family and neighbors all spend time creating their perfect card, only to be tossed into a pile and not given the attention they deserve. I decided this year I was going to create an easy, DIY display to honor those memories. No more pile of holiday cards stacked on the kitchen counter.

I started with a large white canvas, a spool of ribbon, gold paint, and some left over trim from another project. I painted the canvas gold and let it dry overnight.

holiday photo card display2

holiday photo card display3

I unrolled my spool of ribbon and measured halfway down the width of the painted canvas. I added a dot of hot glue and secured the edge of the ribbon.

holiday photo card display4

I repeated this process two more times, securing both ends of the ribbon with hot glue. Then I cut pieces of ribbon to add perpendicular across the length of the canvas. I repeated the hot glue process, also adding a dot of glue where the ribbons intersected.

holiday photo card display5

Allowing the hot glue to dry, I laid out the trim I painted the night before, added hot glue to the back side and placed them along the perimeter of the canvas to create a beautiful gold frame around the display.

I placed the display on my console table in my entryway. Now everyone who enters my home can enjoy the lovely holiday cards throughout the season. I added a small Christmas tree with some of the adorable Tiny Prints picture ornaments and placed the cards in the display.

holiday photo card display6

holiday photo card

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