At our recent Tiny Prints company picnic, we were thrilled to welcome back Lisa of Face Painting by Lisa. Her swirls, ladybugs and superhero designs have kept all of the kiddies occupied for hours at two of our company events, so we decided to sit down and ask her recommendations for creating DIY face painting looks for your own little ones this Halloween.

Read on for her expert tips on face painting for Halloween…

What’s the most important thing to remember when it comes to face painting?

Lisa: Halloween is a very popular time when parents dust off the face painting kit to render cute kitty noses and whiskers on the kids. The best way to approach this fun activity while minimizing frustration for parents is to purchase an inexpensive face painting book.

Do you have any suggestions for face painting books parents can use as guides?

Lisa: Check out a few of my favorite options at my website. Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for face painting. Not only does my book on Halloween makeup designs show the step-by-step instructions for each amazing, scary image, but face painting tips, techniques and tricks will be revealed as well. Download the digital copy to start immediately!

What types of products work best?

Lisa: My favorite paints are Kryolan and Wolfe Brothers Face Paints, which are available in specialty shops. My favorite brush type is a round sable, which holds water, color and its shape very well. I would stay away from crayon applicators.

How do you keep it from running as the night wears on?

Lisa: Using high quality paints means longer lasting wear.

What’s the best way to remove face paint before bedtime?

Lisa: The best way to ensure that the face painting can be removed easily is to set expectations with the child that this wonderful image will be washed off by the end of the day! Otherwise, parents may encounter resistance during bath time. Using simple soap and water will do the trick.

What are the easiest looks for parents to create at home?

Lisa: The biggest secret to learning how to paint is that there are basic shapes when creating all images. Practice drawing circles, rectangles, squares and triangles first with color markers. Do not be discouraged if images don’t look natural. Just practice, practice, practice!

When choosing a face painter, what should parents consider?

Lisa: The most common mistake parents make when choosing a face painter is to base the selection solely on price. Most professional painters charge about $150 per hour. Some beginner painters paint slowly, or are less artistically talented (hence they offer lower rates). Others interact very seldom with the kids.

I strongly recommend parents call to talk to each person. A phone conversation will say volumes about attitude, professionalism, responsiveness and communication skills. The most important point is to hire a known quantity in the community—someone who is reputable, recommended by others and seen at community festivals, farmer’s markets, etc. Why? Kids can and have gotten infected with bacteria from unclean paints. After painting 13,000 kids without issues, I rate cleanliness high on my list of priorities.

Meet Lisa
After agreeing to help an acquaintance face paint at the bustling Los Altos farmer’s market, I found a passion ignited in me that nourishes my soul to this day. Soon thereafter, I launched my own business with safe, non-toxic paints, the highest quality brushes and a contract painting at the local farmer’s market. Over the years I’ve discovered that kids, parents and even teenagers love face painting, so I’ve developed a number of images that appeal to all ages.

To book Lisa’s exceptional face painting services for your own event, contact her today!

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