DIY: Faux Fur Stockings

Hello friends & Tiny Prints readers! I’m Brittany from the blog BrittanyMakes, where I journal my musings and adventures in all things DIY. I’m so happy to be here today sharing arguably the easiest fur-topped stocking tutorial around.


I always start off with a supplies list, which helps inform readers the exact materials needed. I also think it helps gauge the difficulty of any project. I get all sweaty whenever I see a long list of supplies, no doubt a difficult project. Lucky for you, this one is super easy, I promise!

Here’s what you need:

  • Scissors
  • 1/2 yard felt or fabric of your choice
  • Fat quarter piece of faux fur (I found mine in the costume fabric section at my local fabric store)
  • Kraft or butcher paper for template
  • Sewing machine
  • 6″ yarn or string

stocking-step-1 Step 1. on a piece of butcher or Kraft paper, free hand your stocking shape and cut it out. I like a big boot to hold all those Christmas goodies, so I made sure my stocking had a larger boot Stockings step 2-3 Step 2. fold your fabric in half so you have two layers, then place your template on top of your felt/fabric. Trace it then cut it out.

Step 3. cut two equal sized pieces of faux fur that is the same width as your stocking. I usually cut these pieces just slightly wider than the stocking – easier to trim down because its too long instead of not having a large enough piece. Stockings step 4-5 Step 4. place the first piece of faux fur on top of one of the felt pieces, right side of fur facing wrong side of felt. At the top of the stocking, sew the fur and stocking together. Repeat this step for the second piece of felt and second piece of fur.

Step 5. place both stocking pieces back together, right sides facing in, sew around the stocking but make sure you start at the top of the felt, not at the top of the fur. Your two pieces of fur will be open-ended, we will sew them together later. *Once you’re done sewing around the stocking (on the felt only) and before turning inside out, take your scissors and cut small incisions at the curves and corners. This is a trick that will help those curves and corners look crisp and clean when the stocking is turned right side out. stocking-step-8 Step 6. turn your stocking right side out, fold the two fur pieces upwards so the wrong side is facing out. Sew along the ends of the fur pieces then fold down over your stocking.

brittanyMakes holiday cards

And VOILA! You’ve made yourself a snazzy fur topped stocking, perfect for your mantel or as a prop for a pregnancy announcement!

Christmas Card 1

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