DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the perfect time to get the kids involved in a little craft project for the patriarch of your family, but short of a photo collage or the timeless gift of baked goods, the Tiny Prints bloggers and I were stumped for good ideas. Then, while traipsing through our favorite bead store, we realized that the few accessories our favorite guys always wear are also some of the easiest to make yourself!

Check out some of these adorable DIY tie clips and cuff links we made as Father’s Day Gifts. Creating your own is easier than you could imagine, so read on to find out how you and your little ones can make some for yourself!


  • Blank tie clip and cuff link backs
  • Assorted charms, beads and buttons
  • Hot glue gun and glue

We found all of the supplies (except for the hot glue gun) at a local bead store. We removed the hooks from the charms to make them stand-alone decorations. We also think this would look great with vintage buttons or beads, but it would be cute to let the kiddies pick them out!

Step 1: Apply Hot Glue to Backing

You can also use jewelry glue, but ours turned out just fine using regular hot glue. This is definitely a step an adult needs to help the little ones with!

Step 2: Place Charms on Backing

Hold the charm in place for a few minutes to make sure everything sets right.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Really…that’s it! We had so much fun making these that we started imagining what types of dads they might be for. Check out our selection:

The Sporty Dad

The Poker Dad

The Golfer Dad

The Traveling Dad

Aren’t they cute?! Send us photos at blog@tinyprints.com if you try out this craft. We’d love to see how it turns out!

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