We are pleased to have Elizabeth Jackson from Please Note share her darling Halloween hostess gifts DIY with our readers today. It’s the weekend, get to crafting!

Halloween Hostess Gifts

Halloween Hostess Gifts

What better way to customize hostess gifts than with a personalized gift tag? It’s so simple too! I created these Halloween party favors using leftover jars, a little fake moss, twine, and some tiny skeletons from the dollar store.

Halloween Hostess Gifts

Once I’d finished putting together my miniature creepy graveyards, I added a finishing touch by using a paper punch to give my Tiny Prints Halloween gift tags a scalloped edge and sticking them on top.

Halloween Hostess Gifts

The possibilities for these party favors are endless. Try dangling tiny bats from the bottom of the lid using fishing line, adding tombstones, or spreading some faux spider webs inside. It’s Halloween, the spookier the better.

Halloween Hostess Gifts

Personalized Halloween Stickers

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  1. Clarisse says:

    Creepy but cool! These can double as Halloween decorations, too.

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