Yesterday, Anum posted a fun candy corn Halloween party inspiration board that really got us in the mood for a little Halloween mischief. We headed off to our DIY lair to see what tricks and treats we could come up with, and we finally emerged with the frighteningly fun Halloween party favors and decoration ideas.

Aren’t they a scream?

Idea One: Halloween Party Decorations

If you’re planning an event inspired by everyone’s favorite Halloween confections, these candy corn decorations are a perfect addition.


  • Construction paper in orange and two shades of yellow (one in a light creamy shade, one darker and more vibrant)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape

Step One: Stack and Cut Construction Paper

Form a little stack of the three shades of construction paper, then trim it down so you can make the most candy corn without wasting scraps of paper. Next, stagger the paper so it creates the stripes of color commonly seen in candy corn.

Step Two: Cut Out Candy Corn Shape

Don’t worry! You can lightly sketch the shape on the back if you’re afraid to do it freehand.

Step Three: Tape Together, Hang and Enjoy!

We used double-sided tape to make the separations in the paper crisp and clean, and then paired our finished candy corn with a matching tissue paper pom. For detailed instructions on how to create tissue paper poms of your own, read our DIY tissue paper poms post.

Idea Two: Candy Corn Halloween Party Favors

We hear candy corn is the official vegetable of Halloween, so we simply couldn’t resist making these sweet (and easy!) DIY Halloween party favors.


Step One: Fill Bags with Candy

You don’t even have to say “trick or treat” first!

Step Two: Seal with Gift Tag Stickers

Tiny Prints really does make it that easy to create adorable party favors like these in just two steps.

Idea Three: Spooky Halloween Cocktail Displays

Candy corn is fun for kids and adults alike, but we couldn’t resist the temptation of this spooky-chic Halloween cocktail idea. Brightly colored drinks, a few mason jars and gift tag stickers will help you transform your happy hour into a witching hour…


  • Mason jars
  • Tiny Prints gift tag stickers. We used our Toxic Tonic design.
  • Your beverage of choice!

Step One: Add the Spooky Spirits to the Mason Jars

We chose this cocktail recipe because of the bright yellow color, but we’d love to hear your favorite Halloween party drink recipes too! Leave us a comment with your favorites.

Step Two: Add Gift Tag Stickers, Arrange and Enjoy!

We placed candles inside of leftover mason jars for extra effect, then scattered around a little candy corn for an extra pop of color. Fun, right?

Have you tried these crafts at home? Send your stories and photos to blog@tinyprints.com and we’ll be happy to feature them!

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