Thanksgiving is almost here, and that means the busy holiday party season is right around the corner. But don’t worry—Tiny Prints can help you plan your best holiday soiree yet!

To start, we’re featuring two fresh new DIY ideas for holiday party favors and decor that will leave your party guests perfectly delighted. The first craft is a simple holiday party napkin ring, and the second features a super easy and inexpensive cookie cutter holiday party favor.

What DIY projects are you planning for the upcoming holiday season?

DIY Holiday Party Napkin Rings


Step One: Cut Out Designs

Carefully cut out designs from your invitations that you plan to use as the primary focus of your napkin rings, then cut strips of paper long enough to wrap fully around your napkins.

Step Two: Add Foam Dots
Use the adhesive already on the back of the 3-D dots and attach them to the backs of the designs you cut out in Step 1.

Step Three: Create Rings and Affix Designs

Glue the strips of paper into ring shapes, then use the adhesive on the other side of the foam to secure the design elements you’re highlighting into place.

Step Four: Create One for Each Guest

Once your napkin rings are ready, simply slide the rolled napkins through for a fun and festive table presentation!

DIY Holiday Party Favors

If you have big plans for a cookie party, you’re hosting an event for aspiring cooks or you just want to send your guests home with something sweet, these cute cookie cutter favors are the perfect party favor solution.


How to Do It:

Write one of your favorite cookie recipes on the thank you cards, hole punch each one and string a ribbon through the hole to attach the cookie cutter to the card. It couldn’t be any sweeter (or easier) than that!

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  1. Susan Ella says:

    LOVE! I’m hosting a holiday dinner in a couple of weeks and these are perfect ideas. I plan to use some of the leftover invites that I bought for the napkin rings!

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