Hi everyone! This is Emily visiting from Boxwood Clippings. While browsing through this year’s holiday card collection I instantly fell in love with the Intricate Craft card. Basic white paired with craft-paper brown always make a killer combination and its rustic-luxe vibe had me sold!

The design also inspired me to turn my simple dining room into a winter wonderland for Christmas.

DIY Holiday Decor

I began with a table runner made of craft paper and paper chains to hang on the walls. I then pulled out my christmas decorations that were ‘twiggy’ and earthy, as well as a few pine cones.

Next I collected a few things from the kitchen: cake stands, porcelain bowls and candlesticks and filled them to the brim with white and gold ornaments. I layered everything I had gathered down the center of my table. I also hung a few larger decorations from my chandelier with twine.

Here’s how I made the paper chains:

DIY Holiday Decor

  1. Cut craft paper into strips approximately 8″ long by 2″ wide.
  2. Glue one edge of the strip.
  3. Loop around another strip and close (you can also staple or tape the ends together)
  4. Repeat process until you reach your desired length.

DIY Holiday Decor

I am thrilled with my festive dining room, and love it almost as much as my Christmas cards!

DIY Holiday Decor

DIY Home Decor

For lots more Christmas inspiration please visit us at Boxwood Clippings.

Thanks for the inspiration Tiny Prints!

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