In a pinch for getting all those presents wrapped up before Christmas? The Tiny Prints bloggers have your back! Here are a handful ideas that are easier than ever—and accomplished with bits and pieces you can find around the house.

Wrap up little trinkets or jewelry by cutting a toilet paper roll or wrapping paper roll, and covering it with tissue! Then, top with festive string or ribbon.

Have any lunch bags leftover from the kiddos’ school lunches? If not, this works great with a brown baggie, too! Fold twice at the top, hole punch and tie a cute bow with string or ribbon.

One by one, create a star out of your office sticky notes to get post-it perfection in seconds!

You’re bound to have a few extra candy canes lying around. Grab two, tie with a string or ribbon and your gift will be transformed in an instant.

Out of gift wrap? Don’t fret! Create a cute striped pattern on any box with leftover ribbon. Top with any leftover embellishments for an extra touch.

Do you have any creative ideas to add? Leave us a comment below. Happy wrapping!

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  1. Hello Jessy – Thank you for sharing! I too, posted this gift wrap idea. Check out my blog for more details! 🙂


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