DIY: Mason Jar Cupcake

Create this simple sweet mason jar treat to make a special loved one’s heart skip a beat. Simply bake or purchase pre-made cupcakes, add a decorative cupcake topper using Tiny Prints adhesive tags, and pair with a stylish Valentine’s Day card to add that extra personalized touch. These mason jar cupcake treats are easy to create and budget-friendly for classroom goodies or festive favors. Follow the easy steps below to create these tasty and stylish treats this Valentine’s Day.

Mason Jar Cupcake DIY via Tiny Prints blog

Mason Jar Cupcake DIY via Tiny Prints blog


Supplies needed:


1.  Add a strip of ribbon around the circumference of the mason jar lid and tie a bow. Add a small amount of adhesive to secure the ribbon to the lid.

2.  Place unfrosted cupcake on the upside-down mason jar lid, and using the reusable plastic decorating bag fill the bag with the frosting and carefully frost the cupcake.

3.  Add festive sprinkles to the frosted cupcakes to give it that extra pop of color. Place the lid containing the cupcake to the side.

4.  To create the cupcake topper, cut the paper straw approximately 2.5 inches in length.

5.  Place one adhesive tag on the sheet of cardstock paper and cut around the tag to create a clean border. Attach the tag to the tip of the paper straw using tape or adhesive.

6.  Place the cupcake topper on the center of the frosted cupcake.

7. Take the glass mason jar and carefully place over the frosted cupcake, securing the lid tightly.

8. Select and personalize your favorite Valentine’s Day card to pair with the mason jar cupcake treat and enjoy!

Mason Jar Cupcake DIY via Tiny Prints blog

Mason Jar Cupcake DIY via Tiny Prints blogMason Jar Cupcake DIY via Tiny Prints blog


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  1. Cupcakes and mason jars. Two of my favorite things! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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