DIY: Party Hats

We are delighted to have Krisha from Jacks and Kate share her fun and whimsical party hat DIY with our readers today.

DIY party hat

I love a good party hat! I think they are a must, especially for kid birthday parties. These little paper crowns are super easy and can be made with items you may already have on hand.

You’ll need:

  • Paper baking cups
  • Kraft paper
  • String elastic
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

DIY party hat

DIY party hat

DIY party hat

DIY party hat


  1. Begin by cutting kraft paper feathers (I did not use a pattern, just a general feather shape)
  2. Fold feather in half lengthwise and crease.
  3. While still folded and at a downward angle, make small cuts all the way the feather.
  4. Unfold and set aside.
  5. For the flower medallion, cut a small strip of kraft paper.
  6. Next, twist it into a rope shape.
  7. Begin rolling into a flower shape, secure with glue.
  8. Punch two small holes across from each other on the bottom of the cup.
  9. Then, punch two more holes on the sides of the cup, directly above the previous ones.
  10. Cut about 12 inches of elastic string and thread through each hole.
  11. Secure elastic with a double knot and trim excess.
  12. Attach feathers first, then flower with glue.

These really are so simple to make and could be adapted to fit any party theme.

DIY party hat


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