We’re delighted to have Jenny Batt of Hank + Hunt share her tissue paper flower DIY inspired by our Sweet Flora party invitations with our readers today.


If you have ever made the standard tissue paper pom, you know it is super easy and pretty quick. If you assemble an army, or start early, you really can make a whole ton for a party or a backdrop. I’ve been there. I know it can take a whole lot of fluffing. I’m a mom of two boys, I don’t have time for that. Besides, the traditional method is great for hanging poms, but what if you just want a backdrop, all that tissue paper can get heavy and expensive.For my recent crafting party, I wanted to replicate the Sweet Flora invitations with the swag of flowers as my backdrop. I also didn’t want to spend all night fluffing the poms. I decided we needed a cheater version. I even think I like this 30 second DIY better than the regular old paper poms. It’s a little more fun, a bit edgy (get it?) and so much faster.


You will need: tissue paper (4-5 sheets per flower), pinking shears and a stapler.


1. Pull out about 5 sheets of tissue paper and stack flat on top of each other. (Note: you can get away with as little as 4 sheets if you like.) Fold the tissue paper into half (horizontally) and then in half again (vertically), so it is one quarter size of a full sheet.


2.Take the short edge and fold up to the top folded edge as shown, forming a triangular shape.


3. Take pinking shears and cut in a zig zag from the top folded edge, where the short edge meets) and down at an angle to the bottom folded edge. You are using the short edge as a guide to form the size of the flower. When you have cut to the bottom fold, the sides should be about the same length as the short edge.


4. Unfold your sheets. All the way. You should have 5 jagged edged circles.Arrange the circles on top of each other, rotating slightly so that all of your cut edges don’t line up.


5. With all 5 sheets, take your finger under the center and push up through your other hand to form a point with your finger.


6. Pinch, fold over the point and staple twice.


7. Fluff the layers gently, pulling and tinkering until is looks right to you.


8. Hang this gorgeous cheater flower by simply using a push pin. At only 5 sheets, it should hold up just fine.


I like parties, I love decorating for them, but I don’t want to spend forever doing it. If you have a wall to fill fast, these quick paper flowers should do the trick.

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