This is Sarah visiting from over at Boxwood Clippings. I’m excited to be here today to share a fun way to wrap gifts this holiday season.

Wrapping doesn’t always have to be planned out and sometimes it doesn’t even require a trip to the store, most of these items were in my office and with just a little creativity everyday items can become festive trimmings.We like to pick a color scheme and go on a little treasure hunt to see what we can gather from around the house.

Festive Gift Wrapping

  1. This gift was just black craft paper and white round labels. You can arrange them anyway you fancy, covering the whole gift would look very dramatic.
  2. On this one we used white printer paper and topped it with scraps of black and white ribbon. Cute and simple.
  3. Black craft paper again, but this time we stamped little circles on it randomly. We simply dipped the end of a pencil in the paint, and used that as the stamp.
  4. White paper trimmed with with a single feather and washi tape to hold it on, is a simple and chic look.
  5. Black paper, layered with a strip of white. Washi tape used again, in place of a ribbon this time.

These gifts were inspired by our Tiny Print cards we’re sending out this Chirstmas. Don’t the gifts look so cute with it?

Festive Gift Wrapping

Take your inspiration from anywhere, but if you’re looking for a good place to start check out Tiny Prints entire collection of holiday cards here, and see what tickles your fancy this season!

To see more holiday projects and decorations, please visit us at boxwoodclippings.com.

Hope to see you there!

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