Gift Tags as Bookplates

On Wednesday my daughter’s Kindergarten had a read-in. Each child brought a blanket, lovey, and stack of favorite books to school. The entire morning was spent cuddled in what I imagine must have looked like little puppy heaps, eating popcorn and sharing books.

To date it has, hands down, been my daughter’s favorite day of school.

To make sure that the kids didn’t take home the wrong books the teachers asked us to label each one with the student’s name. I looked around for the best way to put my daughter’s name discretely on her books, but I struggled. I had no masking tape on hand and of course all of our painter’s tape had vanished at that very moment. I was left with grabbing a pen to hand write her name on the inside flap of each book — not the classiest of solutions.

As my pen flew from book to book I realized that what we really needed were some cute little bookplates. Somethings simple and cute that could list her name as well as a phone number in case the book was ever found.

The Tiny Prints gift tag stickers can easily be converted into sweet little bookplates that will make any kid proud to show off inside a favorite book. The adorable Valentine’s Day gift tags offer sweet options for little girls, but the site also offers plenty of designs that boys would love.

Ready for Love Valentines Day Gift Tag by Tiny Prints Fire Truck Holly Red Gift Tag by Tiny Prints

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