Holiday Cheer Drink Flag DIY

Anne from Circus Berry shares her holiday cheer drink flag DIY!

Every holiday, I am thinking ahead as to how I want to wrap my gifts for that year. I love making presents pretty and thought that I would share that love with some of my closest friends with a gift wrap party. With some fun supplies for wrapping and some good food for munching, a wrapping party was had. And let’s not forget the festive drinks!

Holiday Cheer Drink Flag DIY

I found some great invitations that fit my theme nicely here, as well as some matching tags to use for favors. Above all, I found a fun way to use some more of the matching items to dress up the cocktails.

Holiday Cheer Drink Flag DIY

I ordered the address labels that matched the card set, thinking they would be a perfect size to embellish a drink. Instead of my address, I had the labels made to say “Holiday Cheer”. I grabbed some gold garland and 6 inch wooden skewers, the glue gun, and crafted away.

Holiday Cheer Drink Flag DIY

Cut out one label. Peel and cut about a quarter off the back. Wrap that part around your wooden skewer. Put a dab of glue a the top of the skewer and wrap around a couple inches of gold tinsel. Finish off with another dab of glue right above the flag and fluff it up a bit.

Holiday Cheer Drink Flag DIY

For your drink, combine equal parts pomegranate juice and cranberry juice, then top off with champagne for a cocktail, or sparkling soda for a mocktail. Stick one of these drink flags in your glass for some sassy sipping.

Holiday Cheer Drink Flag DIY

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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