We’re thrilled to have Kelle Boyd from Ann Kelle one of Tiny Prints stationery designers share her Halloween slumber party ideas today.

Growing up, slumber parties were always a treat! It meant food, laughter, spending time with friends and staying up WAY past my bedtime. I designed this sleepover party invitation based on my sweet memories. Here are some of the things I would do if I had a Halloween slumber party.

Halloween Slumber Party Ideas

  1. Get Crafty. Crafts at sleepovers are great. Decorating pumpkins are both fun and inexpensive.
  2. Send out personalized invitations. Emails and text messages are okay. But, there’s nothing like getting a personal invitation in the mail.
  3. Sleep pretty! Cute pajamas are always a great idea, such as these Kitty pjs! (Here’s a great list of other pajamas). If you didn’t want to purchase a new pair of pajamas, you could also wear festive colors (such as orange and black). Another option would be to paint an oversized pumpkin on a t-shirt to wear as a gown.
  4. Watch a Halloween movie. Make sure the movie is age appropriate. You don’t want your guests to have nightmares! Charlie’s Brown’s It’s The Great Pumpkin is a great choice for all ages.
  5. 5. Cook breakfast before your guest leave. Instead of typical breakfast food, how about something festive for your Halloween slumber party, such as candy corn waffles
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