One Is Fun

Kate from Southern Dwellings shares her daughter’s first birthday party inspired by our Happiest Around invitations.


Since her birthday is in the middle of summer I wanted the vibe to be laid back and fun. I knew the Happiest Around invitation was absolutely perfect. I loved that I could pull in pops of the bright colors from the invitation. I chose to focus on the girly colors–pink, yellow and touches of orange.

We took on several DIY projects to add a personalized feel to her party. I chose coordinating fabrics that I simply cut into strips and added to the décor.




We gave out bubbles as party favors. This was such an easy DIY project, we simply soaked off the labels and cut fabric to fit.


Our pre-scooped ice cream was a huge hit with our guests. It turned out so festive and there was no scooping involved after cutting the cake-our guests could simply choose their favorite flavor.



To forever commemorate her party and first year, I made a Shutterfly book to recap each month of her life. I displayed it at the party and thought it tied in wonderfully with the invitation.


It is true…one is fun!

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10 Responses

  1. Allie says:

    Such a cute and fun party!!! LOVE the details!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gordy says:

    I love the decorations, very creative and adorable!!!!!!!! The color theme was beyond cute and so were the party favors!!! Please post more pictures!

  3. Diane says:

    So cute!!

  4. Lisa says:

    The invites are adorable, so festive and full of color options! Also love the use of ribbon and fabric in the decorations!

  5. Woody says:

    Can you share who made the beautiful cake?? Love the swirls, looks delish!

  6. LiLi says:

    The invite is darling! Where did you get the monogram beverage tub?!

  7. LiLi says:

    Btw, I love your blog and reading about your mommy experiences!!
    : )

  8. Jill says:

    The most adorable party!!! The ice cream in cupcake wrappers is the best… I plan to use this idea for my daughter’s 3rd bday- thanks for the idea!! I love love love the color scheme here- well suited for a little girl’s birthday. And the birthday cake and cookies- wow!!!!! Love everything about this- and the birthday girl herself- the sweetest!!!!!

  9. Woody says:

    Will want to use this invite for a special someone I know!

  10. kate says:

    Thanks everyone! The cake lady’s name is Melissa at Louisvillicious. http://www.louisvillicious.com // the monogram tub was a shower gift.

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