Annie from Most Lovely Things shares her rustic dinner party inspired by our Chalkboard List adult party invitation with us today.

Adult Party Invitation

The Chalkboard List invitation from Tiny Prints was the inspiration for an autumn dinner party in the yard. Fall was in the air, but the weather held out one more weekend for the perfect birthday dinner party. The theme started with the invitation and then everything else just fell into place rather quickly. I found black and white buffalo check fabric and three yards made the perfect table cloth. I used small bottles of fresh herbs for a little something fresh on the table. Using a chalk marker and a piece of black construction paper I created a menu much like the invitation. I think place cards make any event a little more special and I made these in about 30 minutes…including the time it took for the paint to dry!

Adult Party Invitation

Adult Party Invitation

To make these farm animal place cards I purchased a bag of animals at the dollar store and using spray paint I already had, I painted them gold. This may not have been my first choice, but I actually love the way they turned out and how they looked on black and white. I cut small rectangles of cream colored construction paper, wrote the guests names and using a small hole punch (mine was a heart shaped hole punch) I looped in a piece of twine, tied it and attached it around the neck.

Adult Party Invitation

Adult Party Invitation

Adult Party Invitation

Adult Party Invitation

Adult Party Invitation



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4 Responses

  1. flwjane says:

    Annie, This rocks! Love the animals and the tablecloth. the perfect black garage with just the right white plants.

    Please put me on your next guest list or invite me to the magazine launch.

    You’re the one.

    xo Jane

  2. Annie, you are awesome! what a great job!!

  3. Clarisse says:

    This is a very sweet table setting for a birthday dinner party. Love it lots, Annie.

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