Are your little ones getting excited to go back to school? We love back-to-school season—as you’ve probably noticed by now—because we can’t get enough of all the fun fall styles and wealth of cute school supplies (we are a stationery company, after all!).

In addition to our smart allergy cards and cute stationery, we have a wealth of products you can personalize for back-to-school essentials. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for the K-6 crowd…

Gift Tags and Address Labels

Let them choose their favorite gift tag designs or address labels from our extensive collection and use them to label school supplies, books, lunch bags and more. At just $7 for a set of 24, you can even let them choose a new design for every season!


Custom notebooks are all the rage this fall! These will give them a cute place to jot (or scribble) everything down. Plus, you can add their name or even fun photos so you’re never too far away.

Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

Hear us out…. these little cards are perfect for sneaking notes into their lunch boxes! Our co-founder Ed Han does this for his kids—at the beginning of every school year, he picks out a few of his favorite Valentine’s Day cards for kids (they’re small and customizable) and sends his kids to school with something to look forward to every day at lunch. Cute, right?

Want more tips and ideas for the upcoming school year? Make sure to check out all our fun back to school posts on the blog!

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