Kim from Newly Woodwards shares two simple and fun ways to display your holiday cards this year.

holiday card display

There’s so much to love about this time of year. And one of my favorite parts of the holidays is all that happy mail! While Facebook may tell us what’s going on with friends and family, there’s just something timeless about traditional holiday cards and letters.

I’ve spotted many great ideas for displaying your family’s holiday cards so you can enjoy them throughout the season. But I don’t have space to add anything on a table or a wall. I don’t have time to create something elaborate. And I don’t have the budget to buy something new. So, I put together two simple ways to enjoy cards this year and from year’s past.

Cabinet door wrapping

Holiday Card Display

With red satin ribbon, I tied a large bow on each upper cabinet in our kitchen to appear as packages. They look adorable as-is. But then as Christmas cards arrived, I used clothespins to attach the cards on the ribbon. The cabinets were previously unused space and now serve a festive purpose.

Books of Memories

holiday card display

I can never bear to throw away cards from the past. So, last year, I brought home a package of large book rings at the store and punched a small hole in the corner of each card. When they are assembled, it makes a great book of the year’s holiday cards.

Instead of keeping them packed up, I hang them on the hooks in our entry. My son loves flipping through them. It’s pretty fun to look at other babies, you know?

holiday card display

How do you display your holiday cards?

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  1. Amanda S. says:

    Love the cabinet wrapping idea!! SO CUTE!!! 🙂

  2. Sharon Roets says:

    Cute! Wish I would have gotten mine mailed out sooner. Might had made the display.

  3. Thanks so much for having us, Tiny Prints!

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