Welcome to the first edition of the Tiny Prints roundup! We’ll be sharing our favorites from around the web monthly on a variety of fun seasonal topics. Now that spring has officially sprung, we thought we’d share our favorite sources on a topic that’s been springing (pun intended) up a bunch recently: spring cleaning. Yes, it’s that time of year again, and we have a few of our favorite spring cleaning tips, thoughts and suggestions to share to make sure this year’s clean is the most successful yet!

Spring Cleaning Favorites from Around the Web

The folks at Good Housekeeping have a bevy of tips for one-off projects. Check out this collection of five mistakes you make cleaning windows and ensure your time won’t go to waste.

Little Girls Making Faces In Window

Photo Source: Getty and Catherine Delahaye for Good Housekeeping

We love DIY Home Sweet Home’s tips and tricks for cleaning those hard-to-reach places with ease. We love her ingenious DIY citrus vinegar cleaner!


Photo source: DIY Home Sweet Home

Apartment Therapy has got us covered with  super-detailed tips for completely cleaning your kitchen. You’ll never go astray with their foolproof guidance!

Dishwasher with colorful dishes

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy

We absolutely love Naturally Mindful’s recipe for sage-infused vinegar. Use it for a great and all-natural DIY cleaning option!

Herb Infused Vinegar

Photo Source: Naturally Mindful

If you’re planning some serious cleaning this year, check out Popsugar’s 30-day cleaning challenge.

30 day cleaning challenge

Photo Source: Popsugar

If all else fails, check out these adorable DIY scented sachets from Martha Stewart. We love this idea for quick results and daily visual appeal. After all, spring cleaning is only once a year!

DIY Scented Sachet

Photo Source: Martha Stewart

Also from Martha, check out her list of 14 things you’ve been cleaning incorrectly. You’ll never clean the same way again!

Checkered Sheets Bed With Yellow Flowers

Photo Source: Martha Stewart

Create your own spring cleaning checklist a little more fun using a personalized notebook. Even better, gift them to your friends and family and get their spring cleaning off to a fun start.

Pink Floral Personalized Notebook

What are your best tips, tricks and suggestions for a great spring cleaning?

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