Kimberly Sneed from A Night Owl shares her stylish DIY project she created for displaying Tiny Prints Valentine’s Day cards.

Tiny Prints Valentine's Day Card

Looking for a cute way to display your sweet Valentines this year? Grab a ladder, some twine, clothespins, washi tape and some doilies and foam hearts and let’s get to work! First up let’s make some cute washi tape heart clothespins.

Washi Tape Heart Clothespins

Washi tape, if you’ve never used it before, is a Japanese paper tape that is colorful and fantastic to craft with. What you’ll need: washi tape, clothespins, small wooden hearts, and tacky glue. To make these cute clothespins, simply cut a length of tape in half and adhere it to the clothespin. Then cover the small wooden hearts with the washi tape and cut around the edges. Then adhere the washi heart to the clothespin with a dot of tacky glue.

Washi Tape Heart Clothespins Tutorial

Next, let’s make some doily and foam hearts to add to the Valentines decor!

Doily Foam Hearts

What you’ll need: various sizes of doilies and foam hearts and spray adhesive. Then simply spray the back of the smaller heart (whether it be a doily or a foam heart) and adhere it to the larger heart.

Doily Foam Hearts Tutorial

Now round up your adorable Valentines cards, the washi tape heart clothespins, and the doily and foam hearts and start adding them to your ladder strung with twine. If you don’t have a ladder to display your cards, consider pinning a length of twine to your wall or hang from a window!

Tiny Prints Valentine's Day Card Display

Once all your cards and hearts are hung with your cute washi heart clothespins you’ll have a perfectly cute Valentine’s display!

Tiny Prints Valentine's Day Card Display

What do you think? How are you displaying your Valentines cards this year?

Tiny Prints Valentine’s Day card used in Kimberly’s display:

Tiny Prints Valentine Tender Telegram

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11 Responses

  1. Dawn says:

    stinkin’ CUTE Kimberly!! 🙂 Love how you’ve used your ladder!

  2. That is SO adorable!! I love this idea to make an actual display in such a small space!

  3. Such a fun and easy to do idea – thanks for sharing!

  4. oh absolutely adorable Kimberly!! What cuties you have and that idea is perfect…love Washi tape!

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  6. This is adorable and no surprise coming from Kimberly – she is so talented. This is beautiful – pinning this!

  7. Lisa Gylling says:

    Sooooo Cute! Love the postcard with your peeps!

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