Kim Demmon from Today’s Creative Blog shares her stylish DIY projects she created using the Tiny Prints Valentine’s Day card, Sparkling Spendor.

Valentine’s Day cards aren’t just for giving to your valentine! Why not use them to decorate your home? I couldn’t help but think of all the fun things I could do with the cards I bought from Tiny Prints. I decided to use them in unconventional ways to make my family feel special. All of my ideas are easy to duplicate using simple items in your home.

Valentine’s Day Card Frame-able Art

First, I’ve framed the Valentine Card to greet my family and guests as they walk in the door. Placing this darling Valentine message on the entry table gives my home a festive and welcoming feel.


Using printable sheet music and patterned paper along with your favorite Valentine’s Day card from Tiny Prints, you can easily transform any frame for the holiday.


Valentine’s Day Drinks

I like to serve a special dinner on Valentine’s Day. Nothing fancy, but different enough from our daily routine to make the evening stand out. These are the moments that make the best memories. Everyone loves drinking out of a mason jar, but I took it one step further, wrapping the Valentine’s Day Card around the jar, securing with bakers twine and topping off with a cute lid and straw.


Serving something special to drink is always fun. This easy Cranberry Lime Sparkle is a hit! Just combine equal parts cranberry juice, tonic water with the squeeze of a lime. Not only do they taste good, they make your dinner table beautiful!


Valentine’s Day Simple Gift Wrapping

After dinner, is present time! To keep my theme consistent, I’ve embellished a simple takeout box with the same card! These are so cute, you can use them as part of your table decoration or as a place card.


Using the cards I picked out, makes my Valentine’s Day decorating and planning that much easier. Inspiration is where you least expect it.

Tiny Prints Valentine’s Day card used in Kim’s creations:

Tiny Prints Valentine Sparkling Splendor

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  1. Stephanie F says:

    Super cute!!

  2. Annelize says:

    What adorable ideas!!! Well done!

  3. You are so creative! I love all of these ideas!

  4. Courtney says:

    I Love these! Such fun Valentines ideas.

  5. Leanne says:

    Very cute and I love all the different ways it was used.

  6. Absolutely dig your style! Love the combination of colors and patterns. So chic!


  7. It all looks fantastic!! Love the drinks!

  8. Wow – everything is so festive!! I love that you have framed the cards. What a great idea to turn cards into art. Love it!


  9. TidyMom says:

    Such fun ideas! Love the frame!

  10. Summer says:

    Oh I love all of these project ideas – so cute!!

  11. Love it! Those are adorable!

  12. Too cute! I love how one card can coordinate your entire evening. The wrapped Mason jars are my favorite!

  13. Johnnie says:

    I love these printables, Kelly! Great designs.

  14. Amy Anderson says:

    These are so cute! I love!! Make me some 😀

  15. what a great idea to frame a valentine! and that punch looks amazing!

  16. How did she get the mason jar lids to look like that for the cranberry lime drink?

  17. Angie @ CCC says:

    I love those mason jars!!

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