Attention all sweethearts! If you’re planning a get-together this February 14th—or just looking for a cute way to play up Valentine’s Day at home—this DIY project has a lot to love.


First, head to the craft store for the following…


Next, cut out all your hearts in two sizes (so they are easily stackable). When you have all the hearts your heart desires, mix and match colors and patterns by gluing small hearts to big hearts. Embellish with stamps, stickers or whatever else you like!


For an extra adorable touch, use your ribbon and twine to make two little tassels for each end of the garland. You can easily do this by cutting uniform strips of ribbon and then knotting them together at the top with the twine.


After you string all your decorated hearts onto the twine, you’re ready to hang! Cute, right?

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2 Responses

  1. So sweet and simple! Plus love any project that lets the children get involved, too. 🙂

  2. Tutts says:

    OH! I like this! So simple!!!! I think I am going to use these as Valentine’s Day cards inside of making a garland.

    My 5 year old daughter decided she wanted to make Valentine’s day cards for all 18 kids in her class…. And since she can’t sit long enough to do one card by herself, these would be perfect! She just might be able to get through more than have of them!!! Just stick their names in the middle, instead of an embellishment, stick a lollipop in there, and these kids would be happy little campers!!!!


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