The first gift arrived back in May for my oldest daughter’s birthday, then came mine closely followed by the younger daughter’s. A few weeks after that we were celebrating our anniversary and another gift arrived. All from the same person.

I emailed her a quick thank you after each gift arrived to let her know the packages had made their way to us, but when faced with so much generosity a more tangible token of our gratitude seemed definitely warranted.

Now I happen to know that this particular person’s weakness is great chocolate, so, as I do every year, I fully intend to go get her a fabulous box of truffles to say an extra enthusiastic thank you! But this year I’m going to add a little extra note to the box. One that says, yeah, chocolate is great, but you’re even sweeter.

Tiny Prints Thank You Greeting Card

(This is one of my favorite Tiny Prints Thank You Greeting Cards, you can personalize that line to say anything.)

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