Hosting a baby shower for your friends or loved ones who are expecting is a wonderful way to celebrate such an exciting development in their lives! If you’ve decided to take on the challenge of planning the perfect shower, don’t worry—Tiny Prints is here to help with fun baby shower invitations, etiquette tips, style inspiration and more.

To get started, make sure you follow these basic guidelines for baby shower etiquette:

Who to Invite

Invite the dear friends and family of the expectant parents, and then ask the parents-to-be to finalize the guest list to ensure that no one accidentally slips through the cracks. If the family has had a shower before, you can shorten the guest list by only inviting only their closest friends or those who haven’t been to a shower for them in the past.

When to Throw a Baby Shower

Host the shower a month or two before the baby’s due date. This allows the family time to register for shower-appropriate gifts they still need before the baby arrives. If you’re looking for an alternative option due to scheduling difficulties, you can throw a welcoming shower a few weeks after the baby’s arrival to accommodate special out-of-town guests or other extenuating circumstances.

When to Send Baby Shower Invitations

Send baby shower invitations to local guests at least two to three weeks prior to the event. If your baby shower includes out-of-town guests, send invitations at least one month in advance. Make sure the invitations include important details, including the party theme and any items the guests should bring.

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4 Responses

  1. Baby Games says:

    wow.. very cute invitation… I wish I got this kind of invitation in the future.. super cute…

    Mickey Buarao

  2. Chantel says:

    I am considering ordering the adorable Begonia Colorful Pins invitation for my best friend’s baby shower. Unfortunately I am at a complete lose for decorations; in my head it is a little too colorful and bordering on circus-like, which is not what I’m going for. Any chance of there being an inspiration board for this invitation?

  3. Jessica@WeddingPaperDivas says:

    Hey Chantel- The Colorful Pins invitation is so cute! Here are a few ideas that we hope help you in planning your best friend’s baby shower. Let us know if you need more ideas and we’d be happy to do a custom inspiration board for you in a couple of weeks.

    -To keep the decor from feeling too circus-like, focus on 3-4 of the bright hues from the invitation as your color palette. Then use white as the base to ground all the colors.

    – We love the idea of paper poms that coordinate with a few of the invitation colors. (You can find tissue paper in practically every hue.)Here is a step-by-step tutorial we put together: http://blog.tinyprints.com/trends-ideas/diy-tissue-paper-pom-decorations/

    -You could incorporate the diaper pin in some cute and clever ways. A few thoughts are using large colorful diaper pins pinned to each napkin as a subtle touch. Or you could make a wreath out of diaper pins. (Use a round hoop and then hot glue gun on over-sized colorful diaper pins.)

    Best of luck!

  4. Megan says:

    I chose the “monkeying around” shower invitations for my sister in law’s shower. I am at a complete loss for decorations as well. Any chance there is an inspiration board for that invitation?

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