As a part of the boutique-style service you enjoy as a Tiny Prints shopper, we tirelessly proofread, edit and perfect every order that passes through our website. This means that we’ve got a staff full of etiquette and grammar experts waiting to help you send flawless cards and stationery all year long, and they’ve given their input on some of the top errors we see on personalized holiday cards and party invitations.

You can make sure your order doesn’t fall into these traps—but rest assured that if it does, our service specialists will take care of it for you!


1. Apostrophe Changes: If you sign your card as “The Smiths,” including an apostrophe would indicate possession and thus be incorrect. If you are noting that a party will take place at your house, however, an apostrophe after the “s” indicates that there’s more than one person in your family.

These are correct: “Happy Holidays from The Smiths” (no apostrophe) or “Come to a Holiday Party at The Smiths’ House!” (use apostrophe to indicate possession).

2. Photo Issues: Blurry, grainy or low resolution photos will ruin the crisp, clean look of your holiday cards. For photo tips from our experts, check out our Photo FAQ page.

3. Wrong RSVP Date: If you accidentally write your “RSVP by” date as later than the actual day of your event, you can expect a call from our customer service specialists! Double check all dates before you submit your invitations to ensure a flawless finished product.

4. “Our” or “Their”?: We often see people inviting friends to celebrate the baptism of “their” child at “our” home. Select one of these pronoun options to follow etiquette and keep things consistent. For example, “Jane and John invite you to celebrate the baptism of their son at their home,” or “We invite you to celebrate the baptism of our son at our home.”

5. AM or PM?: Some customers confuse noon with midnight when writing out 12 a.m. or 12 p.m. Just to be clear—12 a.m. refers to midnight whereas 12 p.m. refers to noon!

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  1. Melissa,
    Thank you for typesetting my Christmas Cards. I can’t wait to receive them! I love the tri-fold I selected this year. It allowed use a few of my fave pics of the kids. It was so hard to decide with so many choices. You guys sure do a fab job!


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